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Internetplan has been working professionally in web design and eshop design for many years, providing complete web design and web development solutions, from design study  to the final version of your website.


Website creation

We design and implement your business website with modern, attractive and contemporary design.

E-shop construction

A business needs a fully operational e shop to achieve sales 24/7

Social Media

We take over your business Facebook and Instagram with Weekly Post !!!


We do exactly what it takes for the best possible ranking

Web Hosting

Reliable and fast server,  to never stay without Website !!!

Google Adwords

We advertise your business in the largest search engine in the world.

Training for your website management!!

We train you and your partners on all Internet tools.

Mobile Application

We are developing applications for the popular App Store and Play Store.

Web design

 • Our process is designed in order to make your website effective online.

Website development is a teamwork process to deliver an excellent commercial result.

• The Internetplan web design process offers the best possible solution tailored to your business needs.

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Βγαίνουμε Online μαζί

Βγαίνουμε Online μαζί

Ioannis Bardoulis 09/11/2020 0
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#menoumespiti - Παραμένουμε Onine

#menoumespiti - Παραμένουμε Onine

Ioannis Bardoulis 18/03/2020 0
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Δίκτυο τηλεφωνικής εξαπάτησης πιάνεται στα πράσα

Δίκτυο τηλεφωνικής εξαπάτησης πιάνεται στα πράσα

Ioannis Bardoulis 10/03/2020 0
Εκατοντάδες χρήστες πέφτουν θύματα δικτύων τηλεφωνικής εξαπάτησης κάθε χρόνο. Χρήστες οι ο...
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Facebook Tips

Facebook Tips

Ioannis Bardoulis 10/02/2020 0
Τα Social Media (Facebook και Instragram) αποτελούν χωρίς αμφιβολία δύο από τα πιο ισχυρά ...
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Professional website design

• A complete and efficient website design is more than just a few text pages. It is a way of interacting with the visitor.

• It's a way to showcase your brand, your products and services to the general public that uses the internet, to stand out from your other competitors, and to gain the trust of your potential customers.

• But how is this possible when you have access to millions of websites on the Internet? What is it that will make your site unique and provide the best visitor experience?

• The answer to all of the above questions comes with the professional web design we offer.

Web Design with Responsive Design

• The site should be as visitor-friendly as possible to help it navigate and find what it has visited. So one of the main features of a website is its responsive design.

• By this is meant an automatically customizable website depending on the size of the device a user visits. So, whether the visitor is connected to a computer, mobile or tablet, the webpage adjusts to the dimensions of this device without requiring scrolling to the right and left to display all the content.

• But besides responsive design, due to the huge use of the internet by mobile devices, the site must also be user friendly with these mobile devices.