Profil Internetplan

Welcome InternetPlan.


After working as an employee on Internet companies for 16 years and especially in the field of Internet services provision as well as the clients' support, I decided to create the InternetPlan and use my knowledge and the experience I acquired on Internet.  Through all these years of a continuous development and personal occupation in this field and especially with the daily real problems and the solution of them of every web company, the InternetPlan develops services like the creation, Web hosting and promotion, the names' assignment, SEO, Web Marketing and Digital Marketing by managing in this way to create a portfolio which includes a lot of web pages.


My clear target: Instant clients' support almost all day, efficient structure and promotion of web pages and e-shops as well their promotion to Social Media and search engines (mostly in Google).  


We are the " InternetPlan ", but for you, daily, in every call, chat or a visit to our offices for an advice or a solution to every problem, the InternetPlan is your own place for Internet. For this reason I am introduced as Ioannis Bardoulis.


In the site, you will find every information that you need about your website creation, promotion and hosting. You can also be informed about the projection of your site at Social Media (Google+, Google My Business, Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram ) as well the uploading of the site at range traking and in Google Search.


Due to my working experience to companies of this kind all these years, I totally perceive what every client wants to make, then I utilize it and do whatever it needs to promote the site. Today, in 2020 I have created the InternetPlan and I believe to trust me.