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Internetplan prioritizes the protection of your personal data and complies with applicable Law on Personal Data Protection 2472/97 applicable to personal databases as well as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is committed to their full implementation, taking into account the adoption of appropriate technical and administrative measures.


Internetplan has taken the technical measures to ensure the protection of personal data during their transmission, management and storage, but the nature of the Internet is such that nothing can guarantee absolute protection. For this reason, you can also contact us by alternative means (eg telephone).


As a personal data operator, the complete contact details are:

Internetplan Bardoulis Giannis
Byzantium 30,
131 21 Sun.
Tel. 2110129644
Email: info@Internetplan.gr


Contact details of the DPO are:

Giannis Bardoulis
Internetplan Bardoulis Giannis
Byzantium 30,
131 21 Sun.
Tel. 2110129644
Email: support@Internetplan.gr

You can contact him at any time for any questions regarding the protection of personal data.


Internetplan makes use of cookies for the smooth operation of its websites. Cookies are text files that are stored by the user's browser on their computer. By using cookies Internetplan can provide services that would not have been possible without them.


Users can delete cookies from their browser and disable them completely.


Collection of general data and information

When using the Internetplan site data is collected and stored in server log files such as the user's IP, browser, operating system, date and time of each call to our server, where it came from. (referrer) and other similar elements. This information cannot identify the user, but is needed to monitor the smooth operation of our servers, optimize our ads, and provide information to authorities in the event of cyberattacks.


Subscribe to our newsletter and contact forms

Users can subscribe to our newsletter on the Internetplan site, as well as contact through our contact form or pricelist application form and other materials. In these cases the email, name, shipping date and time of the user and the IP are stored on our server, but also in an external newsletter sending service, MailChimp and sending out informational and educational emails. In each shipment, the recipient has the option to stop receiving subsequent emails by choosing to unsubscribe from the newsletter.


Internetplan's informative and educational emails contain tracking pixels that allow statistical analysis of the success or failure of each mission. From the tracking pixel we can see if an email was opened and to which links it was clicked.


Should you request a website or ad campaign offer through our contact form, your information will be stored in our CRM (Pipedrive.com) and / or our ERP for processing by our Internetplan sales department.


Comments on the blog
Users of our site have the option to leave comments on our blog. In this case, their name, email, registration date and time and IP are stored on our server. Should a subscriber leave a comment on a blog post where previous users have left a comment, then previous users will be notified by email of the new comment. This is needed so that they can respond immediately.


Send resume and registration to candidate evaluation system
If you send us your resume to work on Internetplan or sign up for a new affiliate rating system, you will be asked for a lot of personal details, such as date of birth, place of residence, personal interests, previous employers, work history, education, etc. data is stored on our server, not available to third parties.


User rights
Users of the Internetplan pages have the right to request by emailing info@Internetplan.gr to obtain an electronic copy of the data we have about them, as well as their complete deletion, which will be immediately satisfied. It is not possible for some of these data to be retained for tax purposes, such as if we have invoiced any of our services, then they must remain in our accounting software and in the accounting records that serves us.


Personal data for the performance of services