Google Analytics Consulting

Google Analytics is a great way to keep track of your Site statistics.

Internertplan is able to guide you to learn how to effectively use Analytics to understand the behavior of users on the Site.


Important information you can discover from Google Analytics with the help of Internertplan:

where does your site come from?
what are the main pages on your site and what are the most problematic
what are the keywords that bring you profitability
how Social Media, Google AdWords, and EMail Marketing help your business
how visitors navigate through your site
from where your Eshop Checkout funnel is leaking
slow to load your site, what pages and why?
what are the most common ways that lead a visitor to become a customer
how you can automate sending reports
create a dashboard with all the statistics you want and save time
see what the effectiveness of SEO is in practice


Google Analytics InternetPlan